About EshineStone

Since 2010, we participate in solid surface manufacturing, aiming at the domestic market at that time and constantly delving into technology. Products categories focus on solid surface sheets, fabricated countertops, tables, and bathroom solid surface products. When we realized the demand from abroad is keep increasing, we set up Eshine to concentrate on helping overseas customers to get the ideal products they are looking for at factory price.  The Eshine team includes experienced and skillful people who in solid surface industry for yeas, they have collaborated to provide a high level of expertise and service for today’s competitive market place.

Product advantages

The biggest advantage of our solid surface products is that they are good quality and cost-effective. Overseas procurement is tired of the kind of low-quality products. We optimize the process better, as an original manufacturer, it making us take into account the rate simultaneously, the production cost is lower, you can always trust us on quality and services.

eshine solid surface products advantages

Manufacturer advantages

Our factory is located in the industrial heartland, Dongguan city, Guangdong province China. Using the top grade raw materials, our employees have an average of 5 years of working experience in solid surface products. We own unique color-matching technology and advanced production machines, which means your inquiry for solid surface products can be satisfied by our team.

eshine Manufacturer advantages

Why Choose EshineStone

Instant Response

From the moment we received your inquiry, we will respond promptly within hours.

OEM Available

We pay high attention to customers’ OEM requirements. From the first design to the final packaging, we serve with professional solutions.

Quality Control

Multiple SOP of quality control helps us from the raw material spot check… full-inspection to the moment of the product loading.

Shipping Arrangement

Our shipping department will assist in arranging the shipping by air, sea, or inland delivery accordingly to each order and your requirement.

All-Around Advantages to Satisfy Your Needs

We provide one-stop service, turn your concept into a sketch within 24 hours. Quote as fast as within 1 day, lean Manufacturing for sample order withtin 7 days. Free sample box for quality checking. Let’s contact us to get the latest catalogue and price list. 

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