CNC Cutting Kitchen Countertops With Solid Surface Sink

Solid surface countertops are about 33-percent binding resins and 66-percent minerals. Those minerals are a bauxite derivative, aluminum trihydrate (ATH). ATH is a kind of fine, white powder that helps solid surfaces maintain its smooth consistency. Solid surface has a surface that looked reasonably like natural stone, but unlike stone, would be non-porous, which is well-suited material for kitchen countertops.

  • Benefits of solid surface countertop include:
  • Seamlessly: Fabricated with solid surface sink is seamless
  • Nonporous: The nonporous food-grade countertops create a hygienic surface that’s stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • Durable: Kitchen countertops that are built to last and backed by good quality raw material.
  • Does not support microbial growth: Proper cleaning ensures mold and mildew will be kept at bay.
  • Uniform color and texture: Comes in a large variety of colors that are integrated into the material for completely uniform color and texture.

Products Details

  • Material: Solid surface
  • Color: Marble Looks
  • Sizes: Customized
  • Design: As per request and fabricated in our factory
  • Thickness recommend: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm

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Products Description
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  • As the professional manufacturer and supplier in China, we can offer you one-stop solution of solid surface stone products with quality guarantee and supportive prices.
  • With over 10+ years experience, we can offer you a wide range of construction and decoration products with different requirements.

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Eshine Solid Surface Samples

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ESHINE® Solid Surface Advantages

Pleasant and smooth to the touch with its silk-like surface, adapting itself to the climate of the environment. The translucency of many colors plays with the light to create fascinating installations.

Thanks to the nonporous surface and the inconspicuous seams, no place for bacteria and mold to take root. Marks and stains stay on the surface: they can be easily and quickly removed.

Solid Surface is free from dangerous chemicals, hence supporting better indoor air quality. A selection of colors contains between 6% and 20% recycled material and our manufacturing facilities are zero waste to landfill.

It can be molded into 2D and 3D shapes meeting all design goals and fitting any available space. It enables the seamless integration of multiple elements into unique, monolithic installations.

Colors are unlimited to catalogue, we are good are develop all kind of solid surface colors.
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ESHINE solid surface catalogue - templete 1

There are many popular sizes available. Besides ESHINE standard dimensions, we can offer you customized sizes as requested.

Eshine Solid Surface Sizes

Delivery in Fumigation Free Packaging +Professional Loading +Safety Delivery to All Country. And shipment date can be within One Week of Order Confimration. Your requirement will be always satisfied in our company!


Yes, you can definitely have custom colors and sizes. We are a factory with over 10 years of experience and specialize in customizing colors for major brands. Moreover, we offer competitive prices and ensure consistent quality.

Shipping fees are calculated based on the product’s weight and volume. Please contact our sales team, and they will provide you with a very specific offer tailored to your requirements.

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